Monday, August 29, 2011

A Brief Synopsis

Chapter: 20
Page Count: 248
Word Count: 133,500
Nemo's Bounty: 998,000 Commercial

"The chief encumbrance one faces when rocketing at a preposterous speed around really any of Takioro Defederate Station's famous three Rings is not geographical - were one to judge by the sheer architecture of the Second Ring, as a pertinent example, they'd be hard-pressed to find a simpler circuit. A basic quadrilateral shape, with rounded corners for easier banking, identical to its two counterparts, would theoretically make for an ideal vehicle course. The true difficulty with traversing Takioro at speed, particularly the Second Ring, especially during the Yarba New Year, specifically on Day Three, was the pedestrian element."

This week, I done punched procrastination in its dumb head.

Last Monday, I established a new and rigorous schedule for the novel - 3,500 words a week or bust. Effectively 500 words per day, with some flexibility for off-days, assuming I made the lost progress up sometime during the week before the deadline. I don't know precisely what crept up my ass this week, but I DESTROYED that goal, as you mathematicians out there may have noticed. 6,5000 words this week - I didn't once miss my goal and five of these seven days I doubled it. If I somehow maintain this blistering pace, I'll be done before October's half gone. Seriously.

Now, for those of you just joining us, I suppose you might appreciate a brief synopsis of what this so-called novel of mine is even all about. Without further ado:

Hull Damage is a science fiction/crime caper adventure story about a motley crew of up-and-coming space pirates, their perpetually malfunctioning spaceship and the gangland bidding war that arises around their exploits. Set in the lawless frontier of a galaxy more-or-less devoid of central government but brimming with crime and those that commit it, the novel (so far) features weightless strip clubs, bounty-hunting reality television stars, harrowing blockade runs, inexplicably exploding chemicals, dangerous alien jungles and more gunfights, barfights, boarding actions and broadsides than one could realistically cram into a novel this size.

I'm hoping to be finished, as I said, before Halloween, but check back here every now and again for updates on both this and the Star Wars RPG game I'm currently DMing, set to have its next session this Wednesday.

Here's hoping I can continue this insane word count!

Until later.
- T

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