Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly Update: 11/20/11 - 11/27/11

Here's what's occupied my time/thoughts lo these past seven days:
  • Celebrated (or rather, didn't actually celebrate) my 23rd birthday this Thanksgiving. One of the unfortunate circumstances with having a birthday that coincides with an actual-factual holiday is it'll often become lost in the shuffle of the normal festivities everyone's planned for the date in question. In this case, I was thoughtfully invited to my comrade Cody's relative's joint for turkey and pie, both of which were unexpected treats, but summarily my birthday was more or less trodden upon. I did receive a lovely care package of goodies from my cherished girlfriend, but it was otherwise uneventful.
  • Submitted Hull Damage to a number of literary agents early this week and even heard back from one, asking for a larger sample. I'm opting to cross my fingers rather than hold my breath, seeing as how I personally feel the book's a little unmarketable, but maybe something will come of it. I'd honestly almost prefer to self-publish, at this point, but an agent certainly won't hurt my chances.
  • Wrote the very first sentence of Galactic Menace: "Moira's out of her cell."
  • Movies Watched: The Troll Hunter – A fun, if somewhat forgettable, found footage film from Norway that's a refreshing look at oft-neglected corners of European mythology, Troll Hunter is smart, well-written and well-directed, with believable performances and surprisingly effective visuals. Currently streamable on Netflix and highly recommended.
    Movies Re-Watched: Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers) – All enjoyed, all more or less held up to repeated viewings, though the veneer is maybe starting to peal on Life Aquatic some. That's probably more 15 or so viewings' fault than the film's though...
  • Books Read: Among Thieves – Purchased with a little birthday money on the recommendation of a friend, I'm 117 pages in and I find it enjoyable enough. A fantasy crime caper very much in the wheelhouse of Lynch's Gentlemen Bastards sequence but lacking most of the flair and style, Among Thieves is basically pulp – quick, clean and efficient, if not necessarily effective. A distracting enough diversion while I wait for Republic of Thieves, but the implication that Hulick is "the next Lynch" is pretty baseless.
That's about all I got for the moment - my girlfriend flies in for a visit in t-minus one week, so any neglected updates between now and the 8th of December are decidedly her fault.

Until later.
- T

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Posts You!

So, yeah. There's that.

My close friend, boon companion and bitterest rival Steven Molony recently attended Austin, Texas' Wizard World ComicCon and returned with an early birthday present - an autographed photo of Peter Mayhew. Be there a better present somewhere upon this unhappy earth, I dare you to find it.

In other J. Meyer-related news, I've, as of yesterday, officially queried three literary agents as regards Hull Damage. I'm certainly expecting no reply and less interest, but I figured it won't hurt to stir the waters of traditional publication before I head straightaways toward the eBook.

I wanted to give a shout-out to my handful of apparently Russian readers. As to how you found this blog or why you're continuing to read, I won't speculate, suffice to say, it's always a pleasure to see another reader from a country I've never visited.

That's about all. Here's Safety on imdb, if you're interested?

Until later,
- T

Monday, November 14, 2011


I am still alive, I promise.

I'm really the worst blogger. I apologize, internets. I know you had such hopes for me.

I'm debating starting the next Endless Night novel. The lack of spaceship in my daily life (see below) is having a measurable effect on my mood.

I do wonder if I'm becoming too cantankerous. I had the revelation the other day that, overall, I'm more liable to hate someone or something than I am to enjoy or approve of it. I'm replete with negativity and I honestly don't think that's a bad thing, ironically. I more or less enjoy it.

I will make more of an effort to post, even if it's just inane babble (see above).

Until later.