Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 16

Dreadfully behind, as always, but catching up. I wrote 3,200 words today without breaking a sweat and while it's perhaps naive to think I can continue at such a pace the rest of the month, I hope to at least catch up that way.

A little math tells me Cutthroat is like to actually clock in around 57,000 some words, but as Stall Draft 5 has got to be finished by December 5th, I have no time to dawdle around and finish the book. Cutthroat's gotta be down on November 30th like everybody else, 57,000 words or no.

A wiser man than me would say I've bitten off more than I can chew. A wiser man'd be right.

Ran another D&D session. A pair of them, actually, but they constitute as one mega-session in the recap, so enjoy! Not every session you get to push a PC into a vat of molten steel, eh?

Past 60% on Name of the Wind and still can't fathom it. It's settled down some, but the sheer, baldfaced arrogance of the whole premise drives me bonkers at every turn. Love to discuss further, but really oughta finish the book and my book first.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11

Still behind, but that was inevitable. Ain't likely to catch myself up in overnight. For now, at least until Tuesday, I'm just gonna keep pace – then I worry about closing the gap.

Alternatively dungeoncrafting and power-writing today. As I predicted, the NaNoWriMo "don't nitpick, just write" mentality is an ill fit for me. I feel as though I'm typing blindfolded and I bet most NaNos (WriMos? NoWrims? What's the demonym there? Nanners?) don't even anguish as much as I'm doing now. It's probably good for me, but boy do I not enjoy it.

Also listening to the Name of the Wind audiobook. Only 27% through that, so grain of salt, but I can't tell if I'm just a cynical bastard or if it's a truly terrible book. A more detailed review to follow in a month or two, when I probably finish the thing.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10

Very behind today. Spent the week writing Stall and now I've gone and got some 7,000 words behind. I'll make it up, I'm certain, especially with my attention less divided, but it's not the most auspicious of beginning.

Least I did finish Stall. Or, at least, the most current iteration. Draft 4, by my reckoning. I'm honestly not too wild about the version, as this was the version that had more creative input from outside sources. Still, it's good to explore new options (and humor producers) and a handful of solid ideas were born of the discussion. Regardless, I'll be eager to return to a draft more closely resembling the original.

Off to work on Mooncrash. Running a big super session, the party's first real dungeon crawl, this Monday/Tuesday night. Wish my PCs luck – they may need it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 2

Little behind today. A stone's throw from ending the prologue. Check out Death Bar!

Ran the next session of my current D&D campaign. I recently made the Obsidian Portal page public and, when I post a session update, I'll be sure to scamper back here and link up, I don't know, these three words for your perusing enjoyment.

Seriously, though – enjoy. I spend way too many hours updating.

I've also had a roulette of lines from the Epic Rap Battles of History running through my brain the past few weeks. Currently Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley which is, coincidentally, not my favorite.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's me!

November is NaNoWriMo, an activity I've always looked upon with a certain degree of ingrained skepticism. Initially, I was excited – it seemed like a fantastic tool to kick oneself in the pants and, from my research into it, that's more or less what I've sussed.

At the same time, the guiding philosophy of NaNo runs so contrary to my own personal writing style that I was hesitant to jump on board, for fear that doing so would, by 30 days time, render me a gibbering hunk of typos and subject-verb disagreement. I completely understand I'm the exception when it comes to writers, but I have an incredibly difficult time pouring myself out and editing later. Good or ill, I deliberate over a sentence before committing it to page – just my style.

So, thusly, NaNo seemed like a poor choice. Plus, this month, I'm doing weekly rewrites on Stall, my zombie/bathroom/one-room horror script (money for drafts! commerce!), I'm running a full-time D&D campaign (link to follow soon) and I've also started doing this weird thing, where I close my eyes for six or seven hours a day and fall into a state of prolonged somnolence. (Weird, I know. My Thri-Kreen buddies have no fucking idea what that is.)

Point being, who's got the time for NaNo?

But fuck it.