Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's me!

November is NaNoWriMo, an activity I've always looked upon with a certain degree of ingrained skepticism. Initially, I was excited – it seemed like a fantastic tool to kick oneself in the pants and, from my research into it, that's more or less what I've sussed.

At the same time, the guiding philosophy of NaNo runs so contrary to my own personal writing style that I was hesitant to jump on board, for fear that doing so would, by 30 days time, render me a gibbering hunk of typos and subject-verb disagreement. I completely understand I'm the exception when it comes to writers, but I have an incredibly difficult time pouring myself out and editing later. Good or ill, I deliberate over a sentence before committing it to page – just my style.

So, thusly, NaNo seemed like a poor choice. Plus, this month, I'm doing weekly rewrites on Stall, my zombie/bathroom/one-room horror script (money for drafts! commerce!), I'm running a full-time D&D campaign (link to follow soon) and I've also started doing this weird thing, where I close my eyes for six or seven hours a day and fall into a state of prolonged somnolence. (Weird, I know. My Thri-Kreen buddies have no fucking idea what that is.)

Point being, who's got the time for NaNo?

But fuck it.

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  1. I don't have an official NaNo account that I'm participating with; but a friend and I are hashing out a vampire novel together this month as fast as possible; and I'm going to try to keep about a half-NaNo wordcount on Hellion Prince, in addition.