Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 16

Dreadfully behind, as always, but catching up. I wrote 3,200 words today without breaking a sweat and while it's perhaps naive to think I can continue at such a pace the rest of the month, I hope to at least catch up that way.

A little math tells me Cutthroat is like to actually clock in around 57,000 some words, but as Stall Draft 5 has got to be finished by December 5th, I have no time to dawdle around and finish the book. Cutthroat's gotta be down on November 30th like everybody else, 57,000 words or no.

A wiser man than me would say I've bitten off more than I can chew. A wiser man'd be right.

Ran another D&D session. A pair of them, actually, but they constitute as one mega-session in the recap, so enjoy! Not every session you get to push a PC into a vat of molten steel, eh?

Past 60% on Name of the Wind and still can't fathom it. It's settled down some, but the sheer, baldfaced arrogance of the whole premise drives me bonkers at every turn. Love to discuss further, but really oughta finish the book and my book first.

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