Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10

Very behind today. Spent the week writing Stall and now I've gone and got some 7,000 words behind. I'll make it up, I'm certain, especially with my attention less divided, but it's not the most auspicious of beginning.

Least I did finish Stall. Or, at least, the most current iteration. Draft 4, by my reckoning. I'm honestly not too wild about the version, as this was the version that had more creative input from outside sources. Still, it's good to explore new options (and humor producers) and a handful of solid ideas were born of the discussion. Regardless, I'll be eager to return to a draft more closely resembling the original.

Off to work on Mooncrash. Running a big super session, the party's first real dungeon crawl, this Monday/Tuesday night. Wish my PCs luck – they may need it.

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