Friday, January 20, 2012

Aquafile (And Not The Gross Kind)

I have a strange affinity for water.

Liquids of any kind, really. My mother used the term "water babies" to describe myself and my sister and, as juvenile as that might be, I can't necessarily disagree. Drinking always brought me comfort and swimming is my only accepted form of exercise.

There's something about the way it floods you, either in beverage or bathing; that it blankets all your pores and contours and the topsy-turvy of the physics involved that endlessly fascinates me.

When stressed in high school, I took an absurd amount of relief out of twin cartons of chocolate milk at lunch. I'm extremely fortunate that the apartment complex I squat in comes equipped with a pool and a jacuzzi* to allow me a brief watery haven.

What's paradoxically frustrating about this is that water levels, in video games, are almost always universally my least favorite. Probably because I've never really experienced virtual swimming that effectively captures my rapture about it.

This has been pretentious ruminations acquired while tubbing.*

*I find the term "hot tub" to have sorta icky implications. I feel like pasta. That being said, "jacuzzi" seems equally gross. I feel like "jacuzzi" and "gigolo" belong in the same category. I think I need a mustache to properly use those words.

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