Sunday, January 1, 2012

Galactically Menacing

Chapter: 3
Page Count: 27
Word Count: 16,204

"He doesn't care how greasy, how slimy or how synthetic; to the thinking of a piscavore long estranged from his homeworld, anchovies, paws down, are the undisputed champion among pizza toppings and, also to his admittedly-biased thinking, nobody, in all of Bad Space, could boast better anchovies than Nanosecond Pizza."

I'm a man motivated by moods. Food, music, projects especially – all subject to my mercurial tastes and whimsies. I know it's aggravated friends and relatives in the past, not to mention my muse.

The plan was originally to dawdle somewhat. Having written Hull Damage with a few months to spare on 2011, I thought I'd fritter away the rest of the year with some well-earned rest. Write a few short stories, polish a screenplay or two, things of that nature. Overall, a more relaxed nature. Then, when the new year came around, I'd hit the ground running on my Cutthroat Ragtime, my fantasy/western revenge caper.

Barring some unforeseen shift in my mood, of course.

I'm currently 16,000 words, 27 pages and three chapters deep in Hull Damage's erstwhile sequel, Galactic Menace and have fully begun to lose steam on the characters and the setting. I feel comfortable that, as soon as I complete the third chapter, I'll be able to progress with my regularly scheduled programming.

So, these oughta be the last few Endless Night-related excerpts and updates you can expect. After that, prepare yourselves for talk of highwaymen, hangings and good ol' fashioned revenge.

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