Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet Odi

Chapter: 3
Page Count: 29
Word Count: 17,071

"Even when thousands of zottibles away, the crew of The Unconstant Lover, substituting their customary corner booth with the wobbly table nearest the holovison set and four foamy Gitterswitch Gins with a single shared anchovy and quorki cheese Planet Pan, naturalistically fall into the same seating arrangement they'd silently allocated two years ago on their first visit to The Bloody Afterburn."

Take a knee, kids. There's somebody I'd like you to meet.

This is Odisseus. He's an Ortok (read: bipedal otterfolk alien featured in The Endless Night series.) He's also a baby.

I'm weirdly sentimental about stuffed animals. There's something about their silent helplessness that makes me go all syrupy inside – the idea that they're perpetually voiceless infants, needing your constant protection and without any method of communication should you neglect or abuse them.  Odisseus, in this case, is my most recent acquisition, a gift from my mysterious book-recommending, Ortok-purchasing girlfriend and while he's an extremely welcome addition to my growing plush posse, a tremendous responsibility nonetheless.

Coming home has only reminded me of the handful of stuffed animals I was unable to cart across the country with me on movie-making adventures. Someday, several more gorillas and a four foot stuffed tiger will light out for the Territories as well.

Don't judge me.

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