Friday, January 27, 2012

Tagline Trouble*

I need a tagline for Hull Damage.

It was originally "Welcome to space. Here's your gun." The sentiment I like, it's simply too long.

What I've discovered is that I have basically three concepts to express to someone browsing for books; one, that it's science fiction. Two, it's about pirates and three, the snarky, somewhat tongue-in-cheek tone. All of that's somewhat difficult to compress into like, four syllables. At maximum.

I wouldn't normally use a tagline for a book, but with the sorta DUI marketing I'm gonna need to pull off, it's more or less essential. Promotional material kinda requires one.

I toyed with simple pirate phrases like "Yo Ho Ho" and "Yarr" and "Avast" but they sorta neglect the whole, you know, space aspect.

What's further unfortunate about this sorta creative block is that it's entirely idea-based. There's no way to solve the problem except having an epihany. All you can do is either ignore until inspiration strikes or bang your head relentlessly against it until something, probably your skull, gives. And I've never been the patient type.

So, if any of you 17.18 readers have any especially brilliant suggestions for the snappy tagline to an uncompromising spacepunk crime caper ebook, feel free to comment.

*Which would totally be the title of this post were it a level in Donkey Kong Country.

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