Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do You Like Websites?

3 days.

I'm a novice when it comes to website design.

That being said, for the eventual Hull Damage PR campaign and successive release, I'm gonna need one of them interpages you kids talk about. On your tweetblogs. And Googlebooks.

I've been trying my hand, ever so slightly, over the past several days at crafting a website worthy of jumpstarting the HD promotional material. (I've never really used that acronym before.) It's coming okay, he reported tentatively. I've discovered that, much like every other artistic endeavors I attempt, that it's mostly about what works. I don't really understand the system, I don't really have the skills to start from scratch and so I'm cheating, plugging and chugging effects and designs to reach the desired outcome.

It's nerve-wracking, flying by the seat of pants I don't even know how to put on.

The Hull Damage website is scheduled to launch early March (hopefully the 1st, depending on my financial situation at the time). You can bet your boots I'll spam the shit out of that link when the time comes.

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