Thursday, February 2, 2012

"I Can't Believe How Tight This Is."

Today I earn my Adult Content disclaimer.

"Wanna give it a tug?"
"I can't get it in – it's too slippery."
"All you need is lube."
"My hand is cramping up."
"It doesn't matter how hard I push - it just won't come."

All of these statements, including the one I surrogated as a title, and many, many more were stated, in a perfectly innocent, non-sexual manner while pulling and feeding cable in this hotel job I'm working the rest of the weekend. I have come to the conclusion that, while doing electrical work, it is literally impossible to avoid a rate of one sexual innuendo per two minutes. Impossible.

It also doesn't help that the outlet boxes into which we're feeding or stringing cable are approximately waist high and often situated in corners, resulting in four grown men, standing in different rooms in an unoccupied hotel, making repeated, less-than-discreet pulling and pushing gestures.

Warned ya.

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