Monday, February 27, 2012

Obligatory Input Update

I'm currently staying at La Quinta Inn in Orem, Utah. And there's a ghost robot posting this.

What I'm Reading: Tales of the Far West. An anthology whose flagship story was penned by the illustrious Scott Lynch (and my initial interest), the book itself proved to be meh, the shared world exceedingly interesting and said flagship story excellent, as per usual. Down the line, if I ever develop enough clout, I might request a story in a future installment. The world presented sounds like a fun place to run around it. Idears were already a-percolatin' as I read. Something with bank robbers...

What I'm Listening To: Somebody That I Used To Know, by Gotye. On insidious repeat. All the time. Every now and again, our apartment will discover a new song (usually from Steven's fiancé) and we'll all spam the ever-loving fuck out of it. Previously, it was AWOLNATION'S Sail. Now, it's this extremely popular Phil Collins throwback. For a laugh, check out the nearly as popular cover by Walk Off The Earth, this year's Pompaloose.

What I'm Watching: As previously posted. I've barely made any progress since the last posting, but still. The missus isn't any further than Bob Odenkirk's famous entrance and I personally haven't laid a single finger on Season Four, much as I've been tempted. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston impression abound through the apartment, likely repeating the dialogue pattern previously blogged about. We're even taking some music cues from that infectious fucking theme song for the Hull Damage book teaser soundtrack.*

This time tomorrow, I'll be returned to California, with special ladyfriend in tow.

*The music of which'll be provided by impromptu supergroup Cannonball Dogs (Steven, Dan and Courtney masquerading as an in-universe band.)

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