Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All The Live-Long Day*

Follow the red bouncing dot, kids!

I've been working on the maaan-uscript! 
All the live-long day!

Today marked the first of my (hopefully) weekly editing days, in which I, for many, many hours, dissect, prod and otherwise improve HULL DAMAGE for publication this summer. With all this energy spent on the promotional stuff (speaking of which, if you haven't yet, visit to start the hunt), it's easy to lose sight of the actual content I'm building up to.

That being said, with today's hard work, I've successfully proofed the book's first ten chapters for Draft 4. Next week, probably next Wednesday, I'll attempt chapters 11-20, but we'll see how successful I'll be.

In celebration of editing well done, the missus and I have been tag-teaming this illustrious game, in an effort to defeat all eight worlds and subsequently rescue that motherfucking bimbo who's, as always, in another motherfucking castle.

Wish us luck.

*As a child, I always thought it was illogically "the lim-long day", whatever the hell that means.

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