Friday, March 23, 2012

Dictated, Not Read

The missus has, certainly out of the kindness of her black thorny heart rather than any true obligation, begun recently obliging me to the tune of taking dictation. Not for the blog, mind you - this baby has, thus far, only originated from mine own fingers, but for the errant few chapters of Galactic Menace I've been poking at. (Yeah, I know.)

It sounds sorta decadent (and, truth be told, it feels sorta decadent) but it's been an enormously helpful tool in perfecting and clarifying both dialogue and prose for me. Talking things through, testing the wording right off the press, voicing the characters - I'm probably not alone in this belief, but it helps me put higher quality on the page from the get-go, which may or may not invalidate some need for the editing process. As discussed.

I'd refer to the missus as my filthy assistant, but I'm not entirely sure how well that'd go over.

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