Sunday, March 11, 2012

Donkey Kong, the Totodile

So, I'm playing Pokémon again.

Every now and again, the missus and I will engage in hour races, where we'll each play corresponding games (Red and Blue, Gold and Silver) for X hours and then battle. Usually, this is all a flimsy pretense under which to name all our Pokémon after an eponymous them.

I've obviously done Endless Night before (featuring Odisseus with Surf even!) and apocryphal Lord of the Rings (with Gwaihir, Durin and even fucking Cirdan). The missus' done ASoIaF, characters to specifically annoy my lofty literary standards (Bella Swan, for instance) and she's currently arbitrarily doing Barsoom characters (except for what will eventually be the most badass Tars Tarkas analogue ever.)

In retaliation, I'm, equally as arbitrarily, doing the six most important Kongs, in order of appearance. (Donkey, Diddy, Cranky, Funky, Candy and Dixie.) The big DK is gonna make one ferocious Feraligator.

Unrelatedly, the new piece of evidence is up. Go check it and the website out. Cheers.

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