Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have something of an unusual coat.

You have no IDEA the bullshit I endured in an effort to post this picture.
Purchased for something near seven dollars at Super Thrift in North Hollywood, it was originally intended as a costume piece for the nefarious Captain in the HULL DAMAGE book teaser, it subsequently became my personal coat for two main reasons. Primarily, I wasn't able to pack a sufficiently warm spring jacket and more primarily, because it's a badass space pirate trench coat and I mean come on.

I'd be the first to admit it's maybe a little dramatic for my tastes and I'd be the first to admit that maybe I can't exactly pull the look off, but I had a revelation early into wearing the coat that I don't really give too much of a horse crap what people think. Space pirates are intrinsically cool.

I've, in the three and a half months of use, received only two negative comments from passerby as a result of the coat ("Oh, look, it's Neo" and "Are you guys headed to Columbine") neither particularly witty and neither necessitating response. It's still somewhat jarring, as I've never exactly been the type to provoke commentary from passerby, and I can't quite decide whether this reflexes negatively on the coat or not.

I don't wanna surrender the idea of being a space pirate, but maybe I'm not cut out to wear one. Hm.

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