Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You Should Be Watching

Mind you, I'm only 7 episodes in, but Trigun is the most confusing admixture of great and terrible.

This is not my first attempt to tackle the series. Not an avid fan of anime (barring crowd-pleasers like Bebop and Champloo) it's initial silliness was far too much for me to handle. That, coupled with his tendency to spout Buddy Christ-esque maxims in a badass whisper and how infuriatingly stupid the two insurance girls are, proved too much to swallow.

At the behest of the missus, herself working her way through the series, I gave it another shot, mainly out of morbid curiosity. On the surface, it's such a Timothy J. Meyer premise. Space western about a dangerous outlaw with a colorful nickname and a bounty higher than heaven on his head, it's side cast populated by grungy bandits and unscrupulous rogues, and the added twist that the protagonist, rather than being a hardcore badass, is actually a doltish buffoon. I mean, come on.

Yet, time and time again, whatever choice I would have made with the show, Trigun makes the opposite. It continues to baffle me. They aren't necessarily poor choices – they're just do damnably different.

I can't honestly say I'm enjoying the show. As a writer, I'm just obsessed with it.

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