Monday, March 5, 2012

Workspace Assemble!

In news that strangely doesn't pertain to space pirates, I finally got a proper desk today. The missus and I have finally secured a bedroom in the apartment I formerly squatted in and today procured a hasty desk from the lovely Candice "The Pitchblend" Han, of the late Pinching Penny publicity campaign.

After some complicated maneuvering including a rather uncomfortable drive from Hollywood to Studio City practically making out with the inside of the windshield, I have a desk and, more importantly, I have pictures.

 Ooookay, maybe I managed to squeeze some space pirate in there someplace.

The workstation, affectionately referred to as SuperDesk, consists of a $7.00 TV tray I purchased from Target months back for use in the living room and the mondo-ass IKEA table Candice was kind enough to lend us.

Aerial photography of my desk and it's manifold contents.

Equipped with (in a very particular order) Nemo wanted posters, sandpaper, spray paint for making laser guns, waterproof tape, a coaster made from a science fiction prop, a cup for pens and pencils, a microphone, medicine, a cup for toy plastic snakes and frogs, a spare toothbrush, a make-up wheel, Donkey Kong, a pile of Stickie Notes, a desk lamp, Maroolchen the stuffed Wookiee, my Kindle, my D&D chest, a bag of crit candy, badass aviator's, Odisseus, the BATMOBILE, graph paper and my D&D binder, a bowl for miscellaneous cords, a bowl for change and keys, 64 crayola, a Batman coloring book, a dinosaur coloring book, a belt and a fucking shotgun.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go eat another rhino turd.

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