Friday, May 11, 2012


Stall: 20 of 75 (26%)

Netflixed Coppola's Golden Lion winner. I've been a big fan of her previous work (specifically Lost In Translation) and I should really see the other two, but I was very impressed with Somewhere.

It's an exceptionally risky script. She's attempting to talk about boredom and the malaise that can occasionally accompany success and, rather than simply depict a character complaining about how bored he is, she takes a gamble and appears to literally attempt to bore the audience with his actions. Whole sequences just depict Dorff not doing anything. Another writer, including me, would have shown a character yearning to do something, or watching people enjoy themselves but, as everyone around him idolizes him, the protagonist can't necessarily complain about his station. It's an amazing risk and overall a great film.

I'm beginning to respect films with less and less dialogue. Drive, as I mentioned previously, does this and Somewhere does it to the extreme. I don't believe, save one scene, the characters of Somewhere discuss the movie's actual theme.

Its ending is perhaps a little dramatic, but even in that, serves as a strong and bold choice made by the director. The more I see of Coppola, the more I like her.

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