Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Great Experiment

The idea was to post a work of serial fiction, once a day, with the same miniscule word count. The missus refers to it as "drabble a day" and I like to think of it as an excuse to putz about in a new setting. One hundred words a day, with intentionally very little notion where the next hundred will take me.

Here goes nothing:

It would not be erroneous to name the city; it would be erroneous to name the city once. No single nomenclature could easily be stretched to encapsulate somewhere so spanning in size, so shifting in temperament. Its gardens and ghettos, monuments and markets were seemingly immune; each bore one title universally consented-to but, alas, the overall city itself, the firmament onto which each neighborhood sparkled like so many stars, eluded any such singularity. Its millions of denizens each referred to it independently and thus, the continent-sized urbanity acquired the closest approximation to a name it would ever hold; Thousand-Name Town.

Come back tomorrow for more!

(P.S. I promised I'd complain about John Scalzi: I don't like John Scalzi or his books, in particular Old Man's War and/or Redshirts.)

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