Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Saturday!


Such prosperity blessed each sister city that soon, league upon league of the intervening countryside was progressively paved, mortared and architected, until the outer burroughs of Greysardin and Ibress collided, clashed and eventually entwined, until tendrils of Auhoboz snaked surreptitiously into Ibress' westernmost suburbs. Auhoboz, Ibress and Greysardin became Auhoboz-Ibress-Greysardin, a cumbersome denomination that drove each new immigrant to term the city differently. From the tongues of all its migrants did this metropolitan malignancy, this gluttonous juggernaut that devours wilderness, uproots forests, diverts rivers, flattens mountains and leaves behind nothing save a municipal wake, amass its thousand-fold hoard of names.
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