Monday, March 25, 2013

Noun City

Think we're winding down to the end of this thing. 'nother hundred words, maybe two?
Here dwelt the sweet-toothed whores of Bagnio Square, each prepared to swallow any indignity with a smile at the cost of a lollipop or a handful of toffees or a spool of candyfloss. Here dwelt the fungiculturists of Saftplau Shaft, who lovingly shepherded mushroom herds up and down the length of their bottomless sinkhole. Here dwelt streetweed, that most virulent plant that reigned, with unchallenged supremacy, over the city's entire botanical kingdom. Here dwelt fanatics, cutpurses, students, bravos, politicos, inventors, magicians, virtuosos and panhandlers and here also dwelt ten thousand nameless reptilian beasts of burden to cart them all about.
Come back tomorrow for more!

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