Monday, April 1, 2013

Past Due (Part 1)

Today begins my newest experiment – a story set in Thousand-Name Town, the setting I unfolded, drabble by drabble, over the past week. Enjoy part one, and swoon to the thrilling adventures contained within!

Item 839-T was missing from the shelf. Item 839-T was missing from the cart. Cross-referencing the infallible clay tablet that dangles off the frontispiece of every such re-shelving cart, one might be shocked to discover that Item 839-T was not currently on loan. That one in question, the first staff member of the Aacrospon R. Faragav Municipal Library to discover this anomaly, wasn’t a Reference Prefect or a Knight-Retriever or even the High Director himself but instead humble Iconine Iconine, Circulation Acolyte, and never, in Iconine Iconine’s two short years pushing the cart, had she encountered a book wholly missing.

Come back tomorrow for the next hundred words!

(Also, check out this short film I directed!)

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