Friday, July 5, 2013

Worldbuilding Idea

Inspired heavily by Quantum Thief.

A city where the tradition law enforcement (an organized police force) is replaced by a small band of well-funded, high-functioning vigilantes (effectively superheroes). Officially licensed by the government, the vigilantes nevertheless remain autonomous, are only answerable to themselves and solve their own disputes internally. At the same time, the city retains control of the legislative branch, allowing them to create the laws the vigilantes must enforce.

Potential conflicts include:
  • a corrupt government forcing the vigilantes to enforce their fraudulent laws
  • corrupt vigilantes, refusing to acknowledge the potentially positive laws of the government
  • obvious inter-vigilante group conflicts the government is powerless to resolve
Could be slotted into any setting, really, but I like the fantasy aesthetics here best; masked avengers, wielding rapiers and shuriken seems visually pleasing. A Mooncrash city could function this way, as could a Palmlander city or even one of the boroughs in Thousand-Name Town.

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