Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Patrick Rothfuss presents me with a conundrum.

Longtime Fabulist readers will remember that I took a somewhat dim opinion of his debut novel and took to the blog to voice said opinion. I stand behind my previous conviction – The Name of the Wind is sloppy, indulgent and highly overrated.

The more I hear about the actual man, the bearded legend, however, the more I start to admire him.

It's things like this, this and this, that make me feel as though I've personally insulted someone's who's a fast-growing and power stable in the nerd community. Every time I catch an appearance by the man, I want to follow his career all the more, despite the fact that, so far, the only work of his I've actually read I openly detested.

Is it possible to hate the book, but love the man? The reverse is certainly true of Orson Scott Card and Ender's Game – perhaps Wise Man's Fear will somehow surprise me and I can call his work a wash.

Man, am I replete with nerd world problems as of late.


  1. I regret to inform you that I found Wise Man's Fear much more self-indulgent than Name of the Wind, although I still enjoyed it despite its flaws. Rothfuss... I don't know. I admire many things about him, but in both work and life he seems to have this nerd-common trait of putting the feminine half of the species on some sort of worshipful pedestal. Not sexism exactly, he's certainly very positive about women, but mystical and exoticizing in a way that makes it hard to relate to them as fellow human beings.

    Other than that, I agree about admiration of him.

    1. That's not something I've personally observed in his behavior, the pedastaling of women, but moons know it's common enough in the industry. Unfortunate, if true.