Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poetic Translation: The Art Assignment Ep. #4

The most recent episode of The Art Assignment spoke to me.

It said "Why not? You're not releasing your second novel, a short story every month and running a weekly D&D campaign, are you? Good."

Since I'm not really visual artist, I decided to take the assignment in a somewhat more literary direction – in fact, I incorporated it with my weekly Worldblogger!

"Articulate something that you know exists but you've never seen it and you very likely won't see it in your lifetime."
My idea was to take words whose meanings I didn't know  – French words, in this case – and devise new definitions for them. Once I started, I quickly realized how much context these words needed and decided to set them against the backdrop of my Worldblogger world.

But, wait – that's not all! I have a new short story out!

The Colossus in Clay: A Mountebank Mystery

A fiendish terror stalks the streets of Augusta by night, a monster stronger than a dozen men combined, a daemon unpierceable by even the sharpest sword, a horror who pursues its ghastly ends without need of food, drink or respite! While the ordinary townsfolk quail and cower, it is not they who need fear the wrath of...The Colossus In Clay!

The Colossus in Clay is a Victorian-era superhero story about the Mountebank, a masked vigilante prowling the streets of Augusta, a radically alternate history London. Written in the style of a 19th century penny dreadful, the Mountebank combines the tone and aesthetics of Sherlock Holmes with the danger and derring-do of The Shadow.

This one's a little closer to my heart than most, as it's a precursor to a future collaboration with the missus.

Only $1 on Amazon and Smashwords!

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