Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do Us A Kindie

So, Galactic Menace is up on Barnes & Noble today. Huzzah!

And, in light of this, I was wondering if you might be able to help a fellow out.

Currently, Amazon is selling Galactic Menace for $0.99 since they, a business, refuse to market free ebooks. They will, however, price match other websites who sell the book for free. The only way they'll do this, of course, is if you send them links.

Here's what I need everyone reading this to do:

1. Copy each of these links

Each of these links takes you to a different site (Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes & Noble) where Galactic Menace is available for free.

2. Go to the Galactic Menace Amazon page and scroll to "tell us about a better price" link

On the Galactic Menace's Amazon Page, scroll down, find the "tell us about a lower price" link at the bottom of the product details section and click.

3. Fill out the form

Choose the Website (Online) option, paste each address into the URL box, fill out the price info as "0.00" and the shipping also as "0.00" and click submit feedback.

And that's that! If you wouldn't mind submitting all three addresses – Smashwords, iBooks and B&N – that would make a galaxy of difference to me!

Thanks, space pirates and spambots! With your help, we can make Galactic Menace free for everyone to read!

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