Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Galactic Menace Released!

Greetings, neglected readership!

I'm posting today to inform all your spambots that Galactic Menace, Book II of the embarrassingly popular Bad Space Trilogy, was released on June 1st! It's currently free for download from Smashwords, the iBookstore and our own humble website (www.badspacebooks.com) and shall soon be free from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

We're off to a pretty good weekend, with 100+ downloads on Smashwords alone and about a dozen generous purchases on Amazon. Please, spambots, go forth – read, rate and review!

Book II of the Bad Space Trilogy

Their coffers are comparatively full. Their spaceship is actually in one piece for a change. Their bounties, however, remain astronomically high.

During the explosive events of the previous book, the monomaniac Captain Nemo and his crew of spacefaring swashbucklers were plucked from the ranks of criminal obscurity and into the crosshairs of the underworld's high and mighty. Gone from surviving to thriving, the wanted space pirates now hatch a plan to collect one quiet payday, cover their tracks and go to the mattresses until the heat dies down some.

All that changes with the "piracy is pointless" gaffe. Those three little words, when spoken by an official Imperium mouthpiece, threaten to flip Bad Space on its head.

Before they can entirely react, the crew of The Unconstant Lover find themselves unwittingly set back onto a collision course with galactic politics, underworld intrigue and, most surprisingly, interstellar celebrity. Where once they sought a means to slink into the shadows, they're instead thrown quite spectacularly into the limelight. Standing at the swirling center of all this danger and destruction is, predictably, Captain Nemo.

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