Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three Days of Rake

Chapter: 22
Page Count: 287
Word Count: 143,900
Nemo's Bounty: 998,000 Commercial

"Up close and personal, the Pylon is more a landscape than a spaceship; a city skyline, a rocky canyon or a mountain range. An irregular teltriton terrain of contour fins, docking ridges, sensor arrays, command towers and, most notably, quadroturret broadside batteries, over three times the width, five times the height and thirty times the length of The Unconstant Lover, stretches dottible upon dottible onward, from bulging engine bank to distant point of prow, like a bumpy beige horizon."

You'll note the suspicious drop in my productivity. I'm inclined to blame this fucker. Or maybe these smug bastards.

Three days off work will hopefully prove useful to me when I start again tomorrow. I swear, if there's one of those hateful little chore lists awaiting me when I stumble out of bed at four p.m. tomorrow, they're gonna rename Thursday "Arsonday" in my honor.

In other news, I've been planning for my upcoming Los Angeles-based D&D game (tentatively titled "Mooncrash" and am pleased to announce that I've converted two new players to the game! Subsequently, we have one Female Gnome Warlord, one Male Half-Orc Barbarian, one Female Half-Orc Paladin and one Male Eladrin Rogue, all currently under construction, along with my campaign's Obsidian Portal page. More information likely to come.

Lastly, my adoring girlfriend recently surprised me with an extremely early birthday present (mostly an attempt to feed more input into my thirsty writing brain) - a subscription to Gamefly which, before you ask, is the Netflix of video games. I recently returned The Force Unleashed II (for the Wii) and had these thoughts:

The Force Unleashed II:
Beautiful, intuitive, rushed and pretty much devoid of interesting narrative, FU2 is a diverting enough installment in the series, but overall falls short of the original's real ingenuities. Hacking through foes with dual lightsabers is a fun addition, but the game itself, particularly its story, is ultimately unsatisfying, with absurdly simple missions (even on highest difficulty), wave after wave of repetitive enemies and a flat, monotone plot line that barely resolves, despite a pair of overall unnecessary cameos from franchise big-hitters Yoda and Boba Fett. Three of five.

Until later (and hopefully with fewer blisters)
- T

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