Saturday, January 7, 2012

Idle Hands

Chapter: 3
Page Count: 33
Word Count: 19,739

"As though in the revelation of a poisonous agwaifapede in their midst, the huddle of reporters literally draw back away from the speaker, unveiling an incompatible-looking Helker with more piercings than clothing."

As I said yesterday, I finished the first three chapters of Galactic Menace and will subsequently be stashing them for the time being. I think I need a teensy break from interstellar piracy.

I tend to go a little squirrely when idle. Since I pile projects to the ceiling, being between work often drives me a little loco. I'm attempting to assuage this by finding a new book to read. I'm halfway through the sample of Cherie Priest's Boneshaker which, despite a somewhat dull opening, may yet entice me.

On a more pedestrian note, I met my old companion Madison Rubenstein today. We shared Chinese. It was splendiferous. Check out her blog maybe why don't you? (See, she's Jewish. Like Zoidberg. So.)

Unrelatedly, The Idle Hands would be a great space pirate ship name. (writes down)

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  1. Boneshaker gets better as it goes, I thought. And Priest's other, more recent books have been definitely better, right from the start.