Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rule of B

1. Whenever one creates a shabby copy, a joke facilime or an obvious parody of an established noun for the purposes of comedy, the first letter should be replaced with the letter "B" for maximum effect (up to a 73% increase over other consonants.)

  • The trope namer originates from an unimaginative PC in a years-old D&D game who, at the suggestion of the death of his dragonborn Rhogar, proposed his identical twin brother Brhogar.
  • The rule was first officially put into practice when my first Wookiee bruiser, Maroolchen, was thoughtfully splattered by a thermal detonator. When the game returned from hiatus, I found myself, in a deliberate lampshade, playing Baroolchen, his older brother. (Incidentally, Barool would end up becoming a much more pivotal and fleshed out character than his brother ever had been.)
  • Whenever referencing a hypothetical, compromise-laden version of our upcoming feature film, in which several main characters are portrayed by trained golden retrievers and all the bullets are replaced with vampires, we lovingly apply the term Bafety.
If you'd like more inside jokes explained for your convenience, please press 1.

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