Friday, February 10, 2012

Molony as Morel

I awoke at 9:36 AM this morning. Like a man.

Then, with two other men, I drove out to the middle of fucking nowhere, Hunter S. Thompson-style, and ran about in the desert with toy guns, going "ZAP!" at each other.

In other words, we did a location scout/camera test.

His shoes aren't correct (edit: or apparently pictured) and the camera had some diffusion issues, but here, for your dining and dancing pleasure, is Steven Molony as Nehel "Nemo" Morel.

Everything's a little soooooft focus.
Look! Outside! We've been there!

I've also made another plain-jane dart shooter into a totes Xtreme laser pistol, but pictures of that'll have to wait. I'm currently redesigning the interior of my spaceship.

For work. Seriously.

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