Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pew Pew

Apologies for the lateness of the post. I'm gonna admit my error and confess that I'm technically posting this on the 9th, but activities of a bad and ass nature kept me from blogging until this moment.

Though it seems far-off, Hull Damage's release date is creeping ever closer and I'm attempting, each day, to accomplish something towards this goal. Today, work was fucking accomplished. I used my hands and crafted something sweet where once was something lame. Behold!

Take one childish toy dart blaster...

and, thanks to this video, it becomes a totally kick-butt ray gun!

(The above gun also isn't totally finished, if you'll note the orange interior of the barrel. We were simply too excited to wait until it was done.)

With two cans of spray paint, a dinky-looking toy dart shooter and a dirty sock, you too can hang up your shingle in the interstellar arms market, peddling ditrogen-powered firearms on the local black market.

Well? How many laser pistols have you made today?

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