Saturday, February 18, 2012

Phase One: Complete

As I need to awaken again with tomorrow's dawn, I've very little time remaining to blog properly and I promise all ye faithful that, Monday's blog post will be immense and voluminous.

We wrapped Joanna Canton on the Hull Damage book teaser* today. A TREMENDOUS, heartfelt thank you to her for her willingness to run around and play a bounty hunter pro bono. Few and far between are professional actors down to jive for free on the level she was jiving. Thanks again, Joanna.

I'd elaborate on how well the shooting went today and explain my emotions surrounding the proceedings but, I think I'd rather let the teaser, upon its release, be the judge.

That being said, here's a silly picture for you.

The friendliest you will ever see Nemo and Moira.

We return to No'tiukki tomorrow, to grab all of Steven's coverage.

For the record, space pirates are really cool. Anybody who don't think that, there's the door.

*Which is what I'm calling it from now on. As a contained scene, "trailer"'s more than a misnomer.

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