Sunday, February 19, 2012

Phase Two: Complete

Official wrap on the Hull Damage Book Teaser*. I'll enjoy a hearty night's sleep today.

Again, no spoilers, but I'll confess that, a few times during the shooting, I may have gotten a little misty-eyed. As sappy as that may sound, there's something quite indescribable about seeing ones characters, especially characters that've lived in my head for so many years, finally given flesh. There was, on the drive yesterday, a moment where I realized that, with Steven driving and Joanna riding shotgun, Nemo and Moira were finally captain and first mate, even if only of an automobile.

I've never exactly had much head for expressing gratitude but without such gracious friends, I'd never have imagined any of this. I'm beaming today.

Triforce fo' life.

 On a related note, if you head over to my conveniently-linked fan page, you'll find an entire album of similar production stills from the previous two days of shooting, filmed (with one notable exception from Joanna) by Steven's adorable fiancé. Avail yourself.

*Officially titled, for the purposes of IMDb, as Hull Damage: First Mate.

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