Monday, May 14, 2012


Perks and downsides come in equal numbers as an iconoclastic vagabondish sellstory.

The main perk is that I determine my own schedule. The main downside is that I determine my own schedule.

Without any concrete deadlines or schedules, I can literally work any time during the day or night I wish. For example, as somewhat dictated by the missus' work schedule, I sleep from the hours of approximately noon to approximately seven p.m. and remain active the entire night. The difficulty posed by this is at times both negligible and dreadful.

While I do tend to find the whole day/night distinction a little arbitrary for modern day humans, my body doesn't necessarily agree. I do think this crazy schedule is wreaking havoc on both my immune system and my general morale. I find myself less and less motivated to spend what seem like precious few waking hours at work and seem to prefer frittering them away on useless recreational endeavors.

Why this is, I've no idea. I think if I'm going to convert to full-blown nocturnality, I need to actually sleep during the motherfucking day and work during the motherfucking night.

The possibility exists that I'm just goddamn lazy.

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