Wednesday, July 4, 2012


As I twarted earlier today, I don't quite understand everybody's kerfuffle with Brave. I thought it was excellent.

Perhaps not exactly up to Pixar's loftiest of standards, maybe, but still, an incredibly solid outing. Great performances, great script, gorgeous fucking visuals (Even I was jealous of Merida's hair) and, overall, extremely entertaining.

Pixar's main problem simply seems to be setting the bar too high. At the point at which near-perfect films like Brave are being called "lackluster" or "boring", I think perhaps audience might have become a little entitled. I'd apologize that Brave doesn't feature cute animals voiced by celebrities but then, I'm not really sorry.

Probably my second favorite Pixar, behind WALL-E.

Also, grotesque undead bears are cooooool. 

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