Friday, April 12, 2013

Daily Drabble (Day 2)

D&D was on my mind today, so I immortalized a scene from today's session in the drabble. Here's the prompt:

lilt [lilt] noun
1. rhythmic swing or cadence
2. a lilting song or tune

Aaaaand here's the drabble:
The tracks are no younger than the sunrise. One set of footprints, broader and deeper than its four contemporaries, clearly belongs to a goliath. Another two wear campaigner's boots, the first bearing the distinct tread of a habitual marcher, the second being far more diminutive, childlike. The final two barely qualify as footprints at all; mere scuffs on the surface of the stiff savannah soil. Cutter glances between each of her four comrades, awaiting the verdict amid swaying waves of red dzhate grass. “It's a cliché,” she reports, in her affected elven lilt. “but we're going in circles.”
Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for more and check out more exploits from the Nameless Company at the campaign's Obsidian Portal page!

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