Friday, April 12, 2013

Daily Drabble (Day 3)

Tell you the truth – this one was a toughie. I specifically didn't wanna do anything genre-related for this one, plus I had a tricky word today.

percipient [per-sip-ee uh nt] adjective
1. perceiving or capable of perceiving
2. having perception; discerning; discriminating
3. a person or a thing that perceives

And here's the end product; sorta a new riff on an old story I wrote in college.
Of course I fuck up – a perfectly placed fuck-up has quickly become the hallmark of all my interactions with her. Damage control; a simple misspeaking, an ill-chosen word at the absolute caboose end of my previous sentence. I ramble forward, undeterred, banking on the wonton-and-a-half I'm currently chewing to camouflage my indiscretion. Even clicking her chopsticks calculatedly together across the table, she is far too percipient a conversationalist to be fooled any such amateurish tactic of mine. “Was that something you weren't intending on telling me?” is her question, a fair question, one I'm devastatingly unprepared to answer.
Come back tomorrow for more!

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