Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daily Drabble (Day Four)

Apologies about the tardiness of the post. Yesterday's word was, well, very limiting. Today's was much easier, however.

chuffed [chuhft] adjective
1. delighted, pleased, satisfied
2. annoyed, displeased, disgruntled

Which, of course, I needed to have some fun with:

Quite frankly, Mr. Yeboah was rather chuffed about this entire mess. On the contrary, Mr. Wugford was really rather pleasantly chuffed about this turn of events. Certainly both men could agree upon the matter of the London Zoo requiring its replacement hippopotamus and they could also certainly concur that their counterpart was acting rather like a persnickety ninny or an ignorant buffoon, respectively. The issue that divided them, Yeboah in favor of zoological advancement and Wugford in favor of selling more admission tickets, was the fate of this bright green hippopotamus the Zoo of Samarkand had delivered them that morning.

Come back tomorrow for something (possibly) less silly!

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