Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daily Drabble (Day 5)

Getting a leetle behind on these. I'll try to catch up.

quell [kwel] verb
1. to suppress; put an end to; extinguish
2. to vanquish; subdue
3. to quiet or allay (emotions or anxieties)

Here's the drabble!

This freetling made a dismal drinking companion. This mule-piss wine, this mule-piss winesink seemed an almost rich reward for a decade paid to the Pits of Punishment; at least when compared to the pleasure of Hariqa Fireskin's company. Already he'd quelled half a dozen of her epithets for him – “Tasque the Tall”, “Tasque the Towering”, “Tasque the Tried and True” – but couldn't, ultimately, shake the name the crowds gifted him: “Tasque the Troll.” Let her scribble her words, let her rhapsodize his heroism; Tasque was a free man and Tasque was going to drink.

 Come back tomorrow for more!

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