Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Drabble (Day 6 & 7)

Really stuck to my guns on this one, didn't I?

I thought, for my final two, I'd do Bad Space related drabbles, to save me the trouble of inventing more characters and situations. The first one is an extremely direct sequel to Hull Damage – in fact, it picks up chronologically one paragraph after the ending of the book. (Spoilers, I guess?)

decamp [dih-kamp] verb
1. to depart from a camp; to pack up equipment and leave a camping ground
2. to depart quickly, secretly, or unceremoniously

The ensuing drink is enjoyed in silence, one last brew before they decamp away for parts and piracies unknown. Nemo finishes first, simply dropping the empty tankard onto the table with a clatter. Odisseus comes second, accompanied by a ribald Ortoki belch. Two-Bit Switch nearly can't swallow his entire share in one swig and only by repeatedly slapping the table does he manage to see the beverage through to the bottom. It's Moira Quicksilver who cares nothing for speed, who savors each gulp, until the anticipated bolt of ditrogen streaks across the Afterburn and strikes her square in the shoulder.
The second drabble is a prequel to GALACTIC MENACE (June 2014) and occurs some forty-eight hours before the book begins.

verisimilitude [ver-uh-si-mil-i-tood] noun
1. the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability
2. something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth

When the door lock is overridden and the Imperium response squad, led by their Jhironese bounty hunter escort, swarms into the motel room, the moment's grim verisimilitude is broken mostly by the culprits' utter willingness to surrender. As expected, there are four present – two men, an Ortok and a woman – their eight hands upraised in compliance. Crates upon crates upon crates, each bearing the condemning “DOXYCHORAPHUM” label, are pushed into every available corner. The outlaw in the duster, the evident leader, steps an innocent inch forward and spikes an eyebrow. “Did you find the place alright?”
Come back tomorrow for the return of Iconine Iconine!

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