Thursday, April 4, 2013

Past Due (Part 4)

Here's the next hundred. This Izcabode guy's a dick, huh? Maybe he took the book – 'cause he's a dick.

Before any conclusions be drawn about wicked old bureaucrats inappreciative of perspicacious underlings, the narrator would ask that you don, if only for a moment, the snug slippers of this Circulation Adept. Imagine one of your Acolytes – timid, overmodest, unassertive, devoid not only of all ambitions, not only of any interest in those librarical hierarchies that form the nexus of your everyday life, but more importantly, of that all-important education that, to your thinking, separates worthy from unworthy – and you may begin to visualize the picture presented when Izcabode and his narrow-minded ilk thought on poor Iconine Iconine.

Come back tomorrow for more!

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