Saturday, April 6, 2013

Past Due (Part 6)

Heading to San Francisco this afternoon; updates may be delayed, but I'll keep writing, so if I miss a posting, you'll be rewarded with double the word count!

For herself, Iconine Iconine would hardly describe her work at the Patchwork Branch, the more palatable name attributed to the Aacrospon R. Faragav Municipal Library by its staff, as anything resembling her true calling. Academic fervor and religious erudition seemed to be the order of the day for many of her more esteemed colleagues but, for Iconine Iconine, the library fulfilled only her simple love of books and the income necessary to provide for the infirm ancestra waiting at home. However, a love of books, as Iconine Iconine was quickly to discover, did not necessitate a love of library politics.

Come back tomorrow (hopefully!) for more!

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