Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Four Hoodlums

If you're unfamiliar with the theory of the Four Humors/Four Temperaments, it's a fascinating rubric within which to sink some time, analyzing your friends, family and favorite fictional characters against.

For funsies, I thought I'd dissect the four primary crewmembers of The Unconstant Lover, for your amusement.

  • Sanguine (blood): Extroverted and people-centered. Generally likes socialization, fun crowds, and showcases of people's talents; highly opposed to dwelling on the past. Exhibits optimism, compassion, good cheer, a love of fun, enthusiasm. On the flip side, they may be impulsive, self-indulgent, wear their hearts on their sleeves, or even be a space case. Tendency to anger-burst, followed by "forgive and forget"; tendency to move on rather than blame anyone. Examples: Griffindor, airbender, Michelangelo, Leonard McCoy, Tony Stark and Two-Bit Switch.
  • Choleric (yellow bile): Extroverted and task-centered. Mainly seeks success and completion of tasks, and likes to be in charge of successful projects. Exhibits leadership, dominance, ambition, charisma, very passionate. But also easily angered or upset and shows arrogance, narrow-mindedness, obsession, and a Hair-Trigger Temper — but known not for any kinds of emotion otherwise. Rather than forgive, tendency to snap and move on while snobbishly outcasting; tendency to blame others. Examples: Slytherin, firebender, Raphael, James T. Kirk, Thor and Captain Nemo.
  • Melancholic (black bile): Introverted and task-centered. These characters can be extremely passionate and have high ideals. The intentions and longings found in this temperament are mainly to be mannerly and follow the rules and to see justice and goodness done, being the community's moral compass. These characters focus on the world of internal thought and the best way to apply those thoughts. Independent, courteous, organized, hard-working, analytical; but also a detached, neurotic, obsessive perfectionist whose insanely high standards may lead to depression. Rather than forgive, tendency to withdraw and brood; tendency of blame on others, self, and "all of the above." Examples: Ravenclaw, earthbender, Leonardo, Uhura, Bruce Banner and Moira Quicksilver.
  • Phlegmatic (phlegm): Introverted and people-centered. The dreams and passions of this temperament are mainly the spread of kindness, forgiveness, and restoration of harmony. Generally calm, rational, quiet, and reliable; but also docile and timid; lazy, and frequently hides all emotions (other than sympathy). Tends to be dependent on others, either by choice or because of insecurity. This temperament is a people person but sometimes expresses these traits in an awkward fashion. Tendency to perhaps brood temporary, but then "forgive and forget"; tendency to blame self.  Examples: Hufflepuff, waterbender, Donatello, Spock, Steve Rogers and Odisseus. 
(In the interest of full disclosure, my group of friends breaks down thusly: Sanguine: Dan, Choleric: Steven, Melancholic: myself and Phlegmatic: the missus.)

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