Wednesday, January 1, 2014


People play D&D for dozens of reasons. People write stories for dozens of reasons. I do both because I love worldbuilding.

Despite running a weekly D&D game, despite churning out approximately one novel a year, I've frequently found myself jotting down random snatches of geography, history, concepts for peoples, cultures, languages I couldn't possibly muscle into my current homebrew world and don't feel deserve an entire novel or short story's worth of attention. What I need is an outlet for pure worldbuidling.

Starting next week, every Wednesday in 2014, I'm going to painstakingly craft a new world on this blog, which's long sat derelict. I've very little idea what shape this world will take over the course of the year (okay, I confess, I've some idea) and I'm going to intentionally keep as much of the brainstorming here, to make the process as transparent as possible. For context, Rich Burlew wrote something similar a few years ago, as I recall.

This all may be exceedingly boring to read and I suppose we'll have to see. All I know is, I've been devoting a decent portion of my free time to fiddly worldbuilding at the edges of my current campaign world, depths the players are highly unlikely to plumb. Might as well put the content somewhere it can be viewed, at least.

For posterity's sake, I'm gonna declare anything I devise here on this blog usable under a Creative Commons license (the specifics here, for the curious). In short, feel free to steal, modify or adapt the content I produce here for your own non-commerical purposes, but please attribute where necessary.

Happy New Year and see you next Wednesday!

Next Wednesday on Worldblogger: General Conceits!

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