Friday, March 2, 2012

I Want A Bandolier

I'm a Nerf gun nut.

I have a Maverick, a Raider, a pair of knock-off Double Shots and a smattering of other dart launchers in a hamper-turned-weapons locker in my basement back in Minnesota. I don't honestly have any interest in real firearms (to quote Matt Wallace "except for the shit that I make up in my books") but something about the semi-serious, pseudo-paramilitary feeling of Nerf Guns awakens the inner nine-year-old in me.

I want a bandolier. I want a tactical vest. I really, really want this.

On like, a fucking turret.


  1. Question... What are the various nerf type guns you DO own, and do you want an ammunition bandolier, or a weaponry bandolier? Curious minds want to know. I just want to mod all your guns into laser or steampunk weaponry. I don't need to own them myself, but I do want to paint the hell out of them.

  2. Oooo.

    I am extremely interested but alas, very poor. I haven't the space in my meager budget to pay someone for such desirable enhancements.

    (For the record, an ammunition bandolier would probably be best, but a weaponry bandolier, or at least a holster, would also be awesome. And I can provide you with a full list of weaponry, should you so wish.)

    1. *grin* Darts or discs, or both, and weaponry list? I'm not promising anything, but I'm on a crafting kick and something might come of it.